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Hi Zatol,

It is hard to know exactly what the mixed results would be since there is no reference to your website. I offer an alternative that isn't exactly like Footbridge but it is in the same space. Many contractors are completely unaware of the marketing power they have due to all the fresh content at their finger tips from Before-After pictures, video and testimonials.

There are some contractors here who really understand this online marketing stuff - and probably can attest that it can be learned, and enjoyable too. It would be nice to hear of any specific other marketing firms people have used to offset my comments against Do It Yourself.

When a contractor has their own website and passively understands the marketing (SEO) topics, then they can easily become their own marketing machine.

Without understanding your reference to mixed results, many times a contractor thinks that they simply hire a marketing firm and the leads will just keep coming and coming with simple SEO tweaks. There is only so much a SEO firm can do with limited content. So my focus is teaching contractors what they can do on their own. This works well for many and for some it doesn't work based on available time, marketing interest and general technology acceptance - but it really isn't that hard.

My analogy is "I will not just throw you a fish because you are hungry - but I will invite you on the peir to learn how to fish and feed yourself for life :thumbsup:"

So what needs to be first understood is "what results are you looking for, and what are you willing to pay, either in Cash to someone else or in a little time on your own?"

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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