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Commission Salespeople

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So where did all this hupla come from about working with non commission salespeople is better than someone on commission?
I went to Best Buy to buy a digital camera and camcorder, and he stated that he did not work on commission. I asked "so what...I should care because.........?" He said that most people prefer to work with non commission because there is less worry about being oversold.
I told him that I internet search, and visit a couple stores to make sure I do not get oversold, and I also happen to be a commission salesperson. I happen to feel that people will get alot better service from a commission salesperson, and may even have a better chance at getting a better price too because of the competition.
So where did this non commission is better come from? Car sales probably?
Plus this salesperson still gets bonuses based on how much they sell, so what in the heck is the difference?
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I always thought that the above pretty much defined commission, except for the obvious ones who get paid nothing until something is sold.
this salesperson still gets bonuses based on how much they sell,
It's a trick to try to convince people that commission is bad.
I am really sick of it.
Store's know that commission is the smartest way to pay. And the easiest.
It's probably the 2nd oldest career for pete's sake.
I will tell you exactly the difference between commission and non-commision sales people...

Non-commissioned sales positions attract -

People who don't require much of an income. You get college students, young kids, people just out of college who can't find a job in their field, moms looking for some extra income, older retired folks wanting something to do. The common trait of them all is they are short timers, they don't know much of anything about the product, they never will because they aren't in it for the long haul, and the only thing they know about customer service was learned from the 2 hour video they had to watch before going out on the floor. Doing a good job to them is going and fetching what you tell them you want or finding somebody who knows more about what you are asking about then they do.

Commissioned sales positions attract -

People who require a high income, they have usually been in sales before, they understand sales, they understand customer service means fulfilling a customers wants and needs by SELLING, not SHOWING the customer something. They become successful by learning about their products and more importantly knowing their companies competitors products just as well in order to show a customer why to buy and allow the customer to realize it is time to stop looking and start buying because the salesman has just shortened or ended the discovery phase that all consumers must go through before they become a buyer. Commissioned sales people usually stick around and even make careers of selling in their field, they get continual sales and service training and actually build upon thier skills and get better at what they do.

- I could go on for hours about this. I would rather deal with a professional salesperson any day then some pimply faced kid trying to use his 30 minutes of training on me when I know more about his product then he does. I don't fear salespeople, I can say no and won't ever blame a salesperson for selling me something I didn't want.
I always love that. It happens with me all the time. I research the hell outta anything I plan to buy. It happens any time I want to buy internet services like DSL.
Mike Finley said:
trying to use his 30 minutes of training on me when I know more about his product then he does.
Well done Mike. That ought to be in corporate manuals for officers, if they paid any attention to it they would realise where their low CSI's come from.
That isnt all totally true though. There are exceptions to every rule.

When I was 16 I was the manager of 3 retail paintball stores, who ordered, shipped, priced, and dealt with all the customers at the main store. Aside from that, I was also the tech who worked on all the guns that came in for repair (They're actually very similar to pnuematic nailers, so its nice having that experience). I never worked on commission, yet I made sure every customer was happy and if a problem arose I took care of it as soon as I possibly could. Working on the guns netted me $15/hr.

I agree though, most people that age don't have an F'n clue. :)
Yeah but you were manager not "scrub". That's the difference.
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