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Okay guys I am (at this time) 100% residential, I want to get into some commercial but have a few questions. I want to get into the bath partitioning & hardware, and doing specialty hardware i.e. slat walls, specialty trims. heres my questions WHO does that area, do the trim guy, the glass guy, or in there a market for the specialty stuff. I’m sure there are huge differences from res to com but what would be my biggest hills to climb other than finding the work. I am willing to travel and want to set one 20' that is a moblie shop and maybe even do site built reception desks & laminate stuff

See in res we do all the cabinets, hardware (bath, door & cabinet) and shelving
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In nyc those are specialty companies. some are glaziers some are carpenters.
Before I went on my own the company I worked for did a half commercial and half residential. The bathroom stall deviders and cubical stuff was a specialist that is all they did. The built ins like a fancy reception desk was trim guys detail.
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