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Commercial Painting

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How much would you guys charge to paint a building. I am talking about commerical painting, not residential. If I am correct commercial painting is harder cause it takes different paints and more details. anyone wanna tell me how much they would charge or whats the market like?
also would you charge extra if they want wallcoverings in certain areas? how would you price that? thanks.
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Your question is way too general to get any kind of serious answer.

Is commercial work priced differently? Yes
How is the market? Brutal
Charge extra for wallcovering? Obviously
How would you price that? Like most any other w/c jobs

See what I mean?
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Most commercial wallcovering jobs are bid by the lin. ft. Prices range between $4 a yd. ( for gypsy vinyl jockeys) to $15 a yd. ( for smaller, specialized jobs).

$8-$10 is the norm for vinyl, depends on how much can be hung per man-day.
so for wallcoverings, does that price include the painting too?
No. That is just installation/materials (adhesive, blades, etc.). Some will throw in priming with that, but I don't, that is extra in my book.
Wow, all the painters from StL are popping up in one day.
How can a nonunion painting company paint a union company building?
Work nights and weekends, make sure to park your trucks at least a block away. :cheesygri
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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