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Commercial Bid Help.

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Bidding a commercial job. Theres about 55,000 sqft of ceiling I need to spray. one section is corrugated steel. While the other is almost a type of gypsum board. There are alot of steel rafters in both sections. And the ceilings are very greasy from all the diesel machines that were running in there(metal perforating plant I believe). Ive never had a Job this badly greased. The ceilings are about 32ft high. Thought about blowing off any loose debris or dust that might be up on the rafters and just spraying over with an modified epoxy or a oil based dryfall. The gypsum board ceiling is all brown from exhaust fumes, but I do believe anything I spray will soak into it and adhere. What is typcial sqftage I would get from a gallon when there are alot of Rafters + Corrugated roof. Also what do most of you charge per sqft for this labor/material? and what to do about the grease??? would an epoxy or oil based adhere and last long on it??I am thinking of test spraying both sections to do an adhesion test. Thank you for all your Help.
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You gotta do you're research on the coatings first before you can determine price. I was just reading a thread yesterday about a deck that got sprayed with dryfall that failed. All of the metal areas that weren't factory primed (like the ibeams) had oil contaminants on them which caused the paint to saponify and peel off.
you have to use an emulsifier to clean the ceilings. or you can pressure wash but the water from washing will damage electrical. it is a difficult job either way and if you are not experienced in it you will either loose your ass or your quote will be way too high.

If the job is going to go after the snow flies I can quote the job to you as a sub-contractor - hotel and perdium will make me less competitive.
Your trade says commercial painting and you don't know how to bid, or do the job. 55k of ceiling failure will bankrupt you. Do your research and call in a pro that can bid it for you.
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