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Comfort Zone

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In your biz checking acct do you have a comfort zone or are you happy if it shows a positive balance?

Under 20k and I start to sweat -2 man show. Under 10 and I would be admitted to the ER with chest pains.
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what money?? it's a recession you know...:whistling
I think it depends on the business volume. When i am real busy, I like to have a larger "cushion", when times are tough, like they have been, the cushion gets pretty thin.

Sort of explains the soreness I've had lately.....the cushion is too thin. :sad:
what money?? it's a recession you know...:whistling

my back problem has let up since last October, now I know why, my wallet is much thinner.
I usually like to keep about 10k on my credit cards:whistling

God do I love spending money:laughing::laughing:

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:wallbash:I think we all feel like this right Know HS!! Yes sweat a little bit speake with a finacial guy mine tells me that you can finace just about anything but your retirement!
I have a $1000 cushion, thats it
Ive got a home and shop on 10 year notes, I have 14 months left on both. I save and pay cash for trucks, tools, and toys so my wallet is thin always. In 14 months I can relax, it wont happen but after that I wont be the guy doing all the work for sure. My back wont take alot more of the current pace Ive been on for 20 years. All I can say is thank god for tramadol and vicoden or id be miserable
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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