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color laser printer

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Woohoo I got my color laser printer today. I'm going to print brochures and post cards with it. I can even print pictures for customers as well. It's a good investment.
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how much for the unit... and ink?
I paid $400 on ebay for the whole printer brand new in the box ready to run, everything included except usb cable. It retails in stores for $700. Minolta 2300W.
How does the ink work in a color laser and how much does it cost? Thought about getting one also. But might first get a large-format printer for drawings and keep getting my color printing out of house.
Hi Tom. That's funny, I just installed mine today as well. It's kewl. I printed out some pics just for fun. You're going to love it!

You can also print passable money with the right paper but I didn't say that. Stick with lower denominations :w00t:
It is really a coincedence that my old thread asking about this subject just was brought up earlier today.


So guys,

Did I make a premature buying decision by not getting the color laser instead of the deskjet?
I bought a Minolta color laser about three years ago, it has performed flawlessly. I use it as a network printer for advertising, business cards, proposals, job photos, etc. Right after Christmas I see the big box office supply stores had the basic color lasers (HP, Lexmark, etc.) for under $250. Costs more than that for the toner cartridges.
I've been using HP for the last 2 years. Price out the ink (toner) before you buy it. Odd thing is for a few bucks more you can actually buy a brand new machine with ink. (unless you have a really really really good one in the thousands of dollars range) Sell the old one on ebay. My minolta broke down before it even ran out of the first toner.

Ed how many contracts do you print a year? Do you do inspection reports with full color photography? If so you made a bad decision with the deskjet (ink). I have a deskjet ink at my house, at my office I have 3 laser printers.

I don't know exact print count since I am not at my office, however I would say we do well over 10,000 pages just on the color printer, not to mention the 2 black printers we use for all inter-office documents and forms.
I got the Dell 1320c, I'll never buy anything but a laser from now on. Dell had a deal going and I got it for about $200. No regrets.
i just got a refurbished hp 4600 for $500. This machine is a workhorse.
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