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Cold Calling is killing me

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Okay I printed out the entire list off the local Home Builders Assocation website. On the "L's" right now and dammit im tired, I could work a 10 hour shift and not be so wore out haha. Out of about 50 so far I have a few e-mails to send two guys to meet and thats about it.

I have also have put out upwards of 3000 door mailers/flyers and 3000 2 months ago, and 6500 more to come.

Dammit this stinks we have NEVER had to go out and look for work and we have been in business for 8 years any ideas guys
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Your mistake is never not looking for work.

You should always be advertising and marketing - in the good times more so than the bad, because you have more profits to spend and can find out what works and doesn't.
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Couldnt hit it more head on and trust me when thimes are good I spend a ton on advertising, We put up signs in 100 bulk at a time across Knoxville, and surrounding areas it jsut seems that NOTHING is working. I keep signs, mailers/flyers, business cards and lit. on us and our products in both vehicles, steadling passing out when ever and where ever and who ever we can lol
Dammit this stinks we have NEVER had to go out and look for work and we have been in business for 8 years any ideas guys
What does it mean for you to look for work?
Things don't remain constant. That is something that never changes!

Reinventing your business to roll with the changes is a necessity. Sounds like you've been riding the construction boom of the earlier part of the decade and that's dried up. You need to alter your business strategies just as the economy has dramatically changed.

There are still plenty of customers out there. However, their needs may have changed. Looks like you're a K&B remodeler like me. I have had full-blown kitchen remodels all but disappear. So instead, I've been going after upgrades; new flooring, tile backsplashes, etc.

What about trying to align with non-competing contractors? Perhaps talk with your counter guy and have him push the tile backsplash angle.

Same with bathrooms. In my area, there are a lot of builder basic bathrooms out there. While a full reno may not fly, tile, paint and shower doors are decent upgrades.

It's not hard to adjust how you look at getting jobs. There is a TON of info on this site about how guys have changed strategies. You may not get 3 kitchen remodels lined up on the books but small upgrade jobs keep you working. Just don't limit what you consider a viable job. Investigate what the needs to those in your area have changed to. Talk to realtors and see what the issues are & how you can help address them.

Just because people aren't knocking on your door doesn't mean there isn't any work.
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Here in California the contractors have become way diversified. One came to my door last week to discuss competitive rates (bid) for hanging my Christmas lights, and while he was at it, he could check on the integrity of the roof & gutters.
We also do re-facing and up-grading and sell that as a "niche" as Angus said. I go in with that as the sales pitch to begin with and then move on from there. My problem isnt the sale its getting the phone to ring lol once Im in the door I can sell just get from the street to the yard has been the problem and I know alot of it is the time of year but man.

Cooke, what I was getting at is we have NEVER advertised, or had to go out and find the jobs we have been blessed with word of mouth for almost 9 years this is something that is ALL new to me out pounding the pavement (which isnt a problem not scared of it) jsut trying to come up with other ways of doing it. :)
Roberts, have you looked at doing foreclosure rehab work for the banks or realtors? Plenty of that work in AZ, not sure about your neck of the woods.

Call up realtors in your area and send them a price sheet for painting, floors, landscaping, fixtures, and appliances. That's 90% of the work on the REOS in AZ.
when thimes are good I spend a ton on advertising
what I was getting at is we have NEVER advertised,
Can you please clarify....
Can you please clarify....

He's been cold calling, honesty went out the door after the first dozen or so calls...
Try Sandler Sales Institute, Cold Calling Boot Camp

You say you have done a lot of Cold Calling .... but have you taken any training or did you just pick up the phone and give it a try in volume? I have taken a few Cold Calling classes and the Sandler Sales version is pretty good. I can tell you that the education has gotten me far, when making any form of cold call.
Brian Javeline
It is a slow time of year for alot of people. One thing we used to do with at least some results, is going to the city and pulling up the fire reports. It's all public record and some of them can be very descriptive. We used to pull in some jobs that way, however restoration after a fire is a different can of worms.
Cooke-Okay that doesnt make much sense does it sorry. Untill we moved the company to Knoxville, we were in Atlanta for 6 years and did NOT advertise at all no truck signs, nothing. Now coming here I have to, I do not know anyone and had no contacts here so its been different for me.

Home-I have not gone that route BUT have when to the county and pull new "permits pulled" every month and call on, or stop by the job :)
And the only cold calling has been to builders, contractors, remodelers, developers and interiors designers around this area

RobertsRen, have you considered actually joining the HBA?

Yes, the dues may be significant, but if you had joined first before making those cold calls, your results would have likely been much better.

And if you could think within the needs of the association and its members, of what you can give rather than "sell" you might find you do not need to "sell" to get relationships going.

Also I would look creatively within your old and new markets. You aren't the only person to have ever made the move -- and if you have email addresses of your former clients, a simple communication might give you some "geographical relationship" connections to build your base.
Just remember its a numbers game
The more calls you make, someone might be interested

Stay positive and keep working at it

It wiil work
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remember to target your customer. cold calling can be a lot warmer if you select the right criteria and demographcis, who is your customer. age, income,years in home...
I know I have posted it before but I'll say it again. One of the things I do is make a mailing list and continually add to it the names and addresses of those posted under the real estate transactions in my 2 local papers. I then send them a cover letter about my business and what I offer, including my web site address so they can see my work etc. I include a business card magnet for their refrigerator. I get around a 5% reply. I now have around 500 just in my town! I could also add the other towns listed and I would have 1000's of names. I will be sending them post cards around the middle of January and then every 2-3 months. I also drive around town and make a list of homes that need work. I then look up the addresses and obtain the owners information. Not counting my time I can do a mailing for around 65 cents per address per mailing. In lean times like now if the $$ is low I send 20 a week.
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No Marketing stays good or bad, long term, you need a lot of hooks.Through a lot of chit against the wall and track what works.


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