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Cold app

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I'm thinking about putting cold app rubber on the roof of the company utility trailer.

This might sound stupid, but my experience with the product is some what limited, can any one tell me what its arc term is..........who makes it? and whats it refered to as?

I'm talking about the glue down crap, I think it's in 12 foot wide rolls.

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Carlisle SynTec, EPDM is the only one I know.
As I have said before some people call "rubber" as modified or EPDM. Personally I'd install the EPDM, not the modified bitumen.

Carlisle (Carlyle?) and Firestone are the only manufacturers of EPDM in the country. All others are either imports or private labeled coming from the Carlisle or Firestone factotries.

Your right the rolls are fairly huge, meaning your are going to have a lot of left overs. Check out
I do not think there is a hot applied rubber, nor a cold APP (ActacticPolyPropylene)modified. Can you please elaborate?
Aaron there is cold applied APP on the market. Firestone makes some though it is not popular at all. I too thought the definition of APP was hot applied and SBS was cold applied but as it turns out that's not necessarily the truth since firestone makes both hot and cold applied APP and SBS.

Go Figure!
Well, I know there is spec for both, but cold applied APP doesnt make sense, and SBS is mopped down all over the globe.
I'm thinking that the original poster used the abbreviation "app" for "applied" and didn't intend to refer to a certain chemical compound.
You are correct sir!

Applied was my intent, it's remarkable how one can easily stumble into a calender of chemical componds.

Doh! :cheesygri
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