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it's a long story...but this has happened almost every year since the Carrier system was installed about 5 yrs. ago.
the first summer it worked ok
at the beginning of the 2nd summer, they came out to do the 1 yr. free svs. check. the guy put his gauges on the system and did some other stuff & when he came back to the gauges, he said that he had previously had a problem(leak) with them, & thought he had them repaired, but apparrently they aren' he had to add freon.
in the middle of summer the coil froze...just so happens, my neighbors friend was putting a new furnace in, so he came over and checked - low freon.
i called the Carrier dealer(owner's wife takes care of office) and told her what happened & she said there's no record of any freon put in/leak etc. - essentially called me a liar & i would have to pay for svs./freon, etc.
so i had neighbors friend come over and put freon in - he rechecked later & said it would be ok the rest of summer - the leak must be extremely small.
sure summer - low freon. i heard that the owner sold the business to nephew, so i talked to him & they came out & it took 3 svs. calls with 3 different guys to find the leak. the coil was under warranty, but i would have to pay the labor. OK-FIX IT.
2 weeks after it's fixed-froze up again-low freon. they came out & found a leak at a solder joint.
worked ok last summer & beginning of this yr. - now the coils freezing up after about 2 hours running. i changed filter. still freezing.
i hate to call those idiots again.
i'm thinking about getting a h/ac guy to put freon in to make it thru this year and just get a new system next this system wasn't what i was supposed to get, anyway. i wanted a scroll comp. - this is the other style and it's not as quiet.
appreciate any thoughts and opinions on what i should do.

i guess on the positive side...i won't be tempted to come in this afternoon to take a nap

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Call Carrier and air your complaint with the poor service first off. You can call 1-800-227-7437 or 1-800-CARRIER. Dealers like that give ANY brand a bad name. Next, ask them to recommend a dealer in your area that will come out, find ALL the leaks, repair them, and warranty the repair of those leaks they fixed (hard to warranty against future new ones in other places).
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