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Coffered ceiling ideas

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I've got a room that we hung drywall in today its 16' x 52' with 8 foot ceilings. About 2/3 of the way down the one side theres a 7'w 2' d stone chimney coming up through. Now that the drywall is up it feels like a damn canyon. When this all started she was talking about post and beams and all kinds of restored barn stuff. I havent talked to her yet but i need to break this ceiling up, its just to long and flat. I thought about doing a coffered but with the 8' ceilings im afraid it will get to low feeling. Say if i come down 5 inches 3.5 for the inside of the bottom beam and do a bed moulding around the ceiling inside the boxes look right? Im afraid that im at a fine line between the effect being too small in such a large room and creating a cave effect.
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I did this "faux" coffered ceiling in a home office a number of years ago on a 8' ceiling.

Just used a 1x6 on the flat with some molding...turned out real nice, wish I could find some finish pics. :laughing:

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52' is a huge-a$$ room :blink:
Quick coffered cieling, first layout the rectangles so they are wider across the narrow part of the room, Oak is nice.

1-Wrap perimeter of entire room with 1x6
2-Follow your previously laid out grid with 1x4 oak
3 1/4" plywood, fill in each box center
4- run shoe around each inside box, covering the seam between the plywood and the 1x4 edge

If there are light fixtures on cieling (hanging) use that as another detail opportunity with your 1x mat, As long as you run the cieling the correct direction, you will not elongate the room, GMOD
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Yeah its retardedly huge and it has like 5 6' sliding doors in it. Its what happens when ppl dont know what they really want or need and architects get involved. It looks like you used a 1x4 for the sides? And thats what im looking for something to break the ceiling up but keep it low profile. Off to boring carpentry class advisory dinner. Free meal but no one listens to what we say the class needs to do to better prepare these kids for the real world. Keep the ideas coming :thumbup:
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The sides are 1x6 as well, pulled out an inch or so from the wall iirc, then the crown eats up some of the reveal.
Cofferd ceiling layout

I always layout ceiling with a simple cad program, Home Designer Suite 6.0 works well


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I always layout ceiling with a simple cad program, Home Designer Suite 6.0 works well
What's a fan, I like it:thumbup:
I'd try to break the length of that ceiling with 2 or 3-foot long jut-soffitts coming off each sidewall that turn into low-profile beams across the lengths , - - breaking that length (of the entire room) into 3 (square) sections. The faux (hugger) beams can be 1/2 the depth of the soffits.

Coffers would seem way to busy in that particular (long and low) room to me.
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How about a couple of knee walls
with columns about mid way?
Or would that cut them down to
a 2 lane bowling alley? :laughing:
That would be best, I condidered that, too, - - but I was trying to keep the costs to a 'low ceiling' :laughing:
She complains about cost all the time but deep down i dont really think its a factor. Atm she just wants her bedroom and closet done so im gonna wait to run any ideas by her til then.
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