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Co-op advertising

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Who gets co-op advertising from anyone? Anybody getting advertising money or help from manufacturers? I have heard that there is money available from suppliers and manufacturers to help you advertise if you know how to get it from them. How do you get it and how do you use it?
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I've got a co-op advertising plan in the works. I hope to partner with a few other smaller non competing roofing firms to do some major advertising. When I say non competing I mean firms that don't want work in my area, and where I wouldn't want to drive to for work either.

The backbone will be one common website and toll free number answered by an answering service. 4-5 guys seperate the entire chicago metro area and split the advertising costs evenly.

Some roofing manufacturer's will co-op with their certified installers. GAF gives us door hangers for less than it would cost me to print and a bunch of other goodies. They even have a link on their web site to work out special co-op deals with them. I heard form one guy they picked up half his yellow page cost because he put their logo in it.
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We have something similiar to what you are talking about Grumpy with the Manufacture advertising. We get a percentage of our costs picked up for yellow pages, logos on our vans/uniforms/invoices, a certain number of free radio/tv spots and a discount on running them at other times than the block they purchase. It all depends on how far you are willing to promote and use that manufactures products. I would talk to your local dealer rep. or if you are looking at a certain manufacture, find out who the local rep is and express interest in promoting your business and their products. Be aware that some companys will want you to use their products solely and not sell another competitors products.
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We are a part of C.C.A. global and they help alot with advertising, but of course they run the show.
And of course we get media kits for alot of products we sell.
We receive approximately 40% back from print advertising for the co-op program my one supplier runs. However, the ad has certain requirements, and they have to approve the ad aslo.

They give us door hangers too.


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Nothing easy is worth your time. You may have to make some kind of commitment to your local manufacturers. It's probably easier for the sub trades than for builders. Sub trades usually work with one or two manufacturers and are sometimes certified by them.

The easiest way to find out is to call any and all of your associates and ask 'em if they want to share advertising costs.
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I’ve been looking through this board, checking out some old posts and lordy these threads are chock full of information. Why didn’t I see this board 3 years ago. I won’t wake anymore old threads but I will say “Thank you Ladies and Gentleman”. You’re all silver springs overflowing with information. :Thumbs:
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not only do I see the notes, but if you click and drag to highlight, it makes it easier.

it's really funny...this could be your trademark huh?
Hunter-Douglas will pay 50% of your advertising if they are an exclusive. This includes business cards, truck signage and advertising. 50% appears to be the cutoff point for major manufactureres for exclusives. With most you can mix and match and still get the 50%.
I assumed that everyone knew about this or I would have brought it up sooner.
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