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Clearview retractable screen

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Anyone here have firsthand experience with the Clearview brand retractable screens?

I have a client with a 5068 inswing french door, and he asked me to install a retractable screen. I advised him that I have firsthand experience with Genius and Phantom, both of which were very disappointing. He pressed on and is researching the Clearview brand, which I have never heard of.

I also know that larson makes a system, but have disqualified that option, as my salesperson begged me not to buy that.

Another option I am considering, is the Centor brand. So if anyone has firsthand experience with any of these, I would appreciate the input.
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Be careful of mounting the threshold on the existing threshold. I just replaced a French door where the retractable screen threshold created a dam and would not drain rain water, thereby allowing water to run over the French door threshold and rotted out a good portion of the subfloor.
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