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If you are not so sure how the use the plastic postcard, don't do it.

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If you want to gain something from doing postcards, you have to do it right so that people will call you and ask for your products or services.

Here I have 5 simple elements that should be in your direct mails to build your customers’ trust and communicate clearly to them who you are, what is your business and why do they need your services.

1. Attention-grabbing headline
It should not too long. You may want it to be in bold to capture more attention. Most importantly, clearly or specifically state why they need to read it or what products or services are you offering.

2. Images or Graphics
This should clearly and easily communicate and support the message.

3. Engaging color scheme
Have good color and contrast so that your mail will pop out and will make your customers read it.

4. Interesting and valuable content
This should continue what your headline started. Include benefits and what your offers are and have them into a bulleted form. And give your customers reasons to do the next steps.

If you can make it possible, always have your name or company name and logo because this increases your credibility as well as your customers’ trust.

Include a return address as well as contact information.

5. Call to action
Always include a “call to action” such as “call us today”, “visit our website”, etc.

By observing these points, you may be successful in increasing the open rate and reader engagement with direct mail through postcards.

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My dad was a cabinet maker (actually went to a cabinet making school in Europe when he was a young boy growing up.) And I remember a long time ago he had business cards that were clear plastic -- really unusual and all the interior designers he worked with loved them. Every time I see one it reminds me of his shop and me sweeping the floor as a kid.
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