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I love this project but the landscaping/lawn care side of me wants to go nuts looking at this. the weeds love rock beds....... On a side not I have several large slabs of granite waiting for an unfound project...........

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so would unloading be "clap off"

I keep thinking of that late night info mercial where the lady claps and the lights go on or go off when she claps......u know "The Clapper" lol

Looks good!
and I hope aot of water isnt the case as you said cause those Pallini's [italian for little round stones will roll.
A few years ago a excavator did one and the first deluge washed all over the place. It was more swailed and atop fabric which made it even worse imo. It received alot of surge runoff!

By the way hows the stone class going...I used that pink granite alot as my father's best friend had a grave stone business where they occasionally had breakage used to get me pissed as the glass polished side always seemed to be the perfect fitting side.We did carter mario's [the injury lawyer on tv all the time] with a blend of it [point beach] milford.

You'd a liked to see this place Seccombs Memorial Ansonia. The building was built with huge gorgeous ganit blocks [rock faced] with a trolley crane over the entire yard. He lost an eye sandblasting and suffered for years before having it out. The owner sold him the business cheap and just 10 years ago I recieved a call if I wanted all the stock and the building stone, but I was swamped here an at my yard so I had to pass.
Had to be 100,000 in stone there!

He had a long wire cutter there that would saw the stone as he sprinkled emery on it...which by the way was what got in his eye.

This guy was a skinny man whom used to put a sears robuck catalogue on the end of a straw broom and lift it without bending his wrist!

I think that pink stone is called misty rose by o and g and ct stone calls it another name...forget now.

Claping Off 4 now..........................Jest kidding Kido people need to lighen up around here heck its just masonry...anyone can doit!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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