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I am also thinking about it, I have seen signs advertising in my area. Set up and take down. I was thinking about talking to my insurance agent about it, wondering about my "assets"
You have to have electrical knowledge and not send "Hector" out. I am sure Christmas would suck if you burned someone's house down.
More homeowners insurance claims are filed that time of year for electrical fires than any other time of year....

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My mate pays $1k to have his put up. Takes them about an hour and he has no more than about 100ft of lights go up. my jaw hit the deck when he told me how much he pays. He said "but they throw in the cables and lights to connect the lights"! Ok so that makes it a deal then lol

It's $700 each year after that to put them up and take them down.

What's crazy is the whole neighborhood get these guys to do these lights. Some people got more money than sense I guess

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I got this email today from Christmas Light University.

Dude, don't hang Christmas Lights this year!
So William , I keep hearing from guys that are skeptical about hanging Christmas lights. A common question I get is "Is it even profitable to get in this business?" When they say that I almost laugh inside because my next phone call is one of our installers that tells me he did over $200,000 in sales in 40 days and he is about to close down the shop so he can go on vacation.

So Christmas Light Installation is not for everyone. It takes a guy that has a set of brass ornaments. You have to get up early, face the cold, organize your crew, set up your marketing, schedule jobs, bill them, cut paychecks, pay for gas, supplies....

For some contractors Christmas Light Installation is the gravy they can't wait for. For some contractors, Christmas Light Installation money is how they live in the house they live in. For some, Christmas Light Money is just what they need to keep their employees from going and finding other work. For some contractors, Hanging lights is how they are able to afford new equipment every year.

And yes, some contractors suck at it. haha. Not funny but true.

But seriously, it is a good thing that there are a lot of guys out there that suck at hanging Christmas Lights. This is good because it ensures that your customers stick around for a long time and you can continue to charge a premium for your services. Being great is unique. Being great at something, allows you to tell your customers what a job is worth.

If you are one of those guys that is gearing up for the Christmas Light Installation season, we are from the same clan. We like to think of ourselves as one of your employees. We work our butts off for you.

If you want to know how, give me a call.

214-317-8301 ext 102
Tanner Maxson
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