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Hi Guys,

Let me start out by saying I own a custom closet company and have minimal knowledge about masonry.

I have recently had some chimney work done the work entailed having 2 to 3 rows of bricks reset and pointed replace cracked flu pipes and replace Capping on the day that the Mason arrived I questioned him on the temperature which was 34°to 29° he made it sound like it wasn't that big of a deal he said he would just add antifreeze to the mortar after he finished working he said everything went well and it's all finished so I paid him and he left

A few hours later I decided to get my ladder out and check out the work to my disappointment I saw my Chimney cap crack and lifting just as bad as the old one so I immediately took a picture and sent it to him he did not answer my text message or my calls he finally answer the following day when my wife called with her number blocked when I spoke to him he told me the cracks I just superficial cracks and it's normal he can come by and fill the cracks I do not want him coming back to fill the cracks if he comes back he will have to replace the capping but my concern is that if the capping is cracked and lifting that probably means the mortar between the bricks is not bonded well it either.

I paid $1700 for for the work I had several other estimates and he was the highest I wasn't looking for cheap. I chose to go with them because he was licensed and insured and told me how he was going to set up scaffolding and came recommended.

I would appreciate your guidance professional opinion on what my next step I should take.

Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!
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