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Chewing gum/ oil stain removal from brick pavers laid in sand

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I am new to the commercial media blasting business and although I have used a small sand pot (HFT) and bead blasting cabinet (all fed by a 24 cfm compressor) in my shop for years to good effect I realize that I am on the steep part of the learning curve when it comes to operating as a stand alone commercial blasting business.

Currently have a Sullair 185/ 150 psi, BB 100 Soda pot and BB 375 cfm cooler drier system and am considering a Marco 3.5 pot for hard media. Also have a Delco 4200 pressure washer ( 4 gpm, 2000 psi hot/cold) Using WIN nozzle for dust control.

If I can find a way to remove heavy chewing gum and oil stains from sand bedded brick pavers in open commercial areas with high foot traffic levels I would have a good jump start for the business and the possibility of an ongoing maintenance contract. I am looking at 2 locations with a total area of about 20,000 sq/ft.

Any ideas

ps I am most impressed by the professionalism and knowledge displayed on this forum, just one of the things that makes America great!.
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Here's the thing. You might blast gum off a brick but there is a good chance you will dis figure the up protected portion of the brick in the process. Stains below the surface will get the same results. You will have to blast down past the stain and you will surely see that in the brick. Best way to remove gum involves a scraper and bottled air. You freeze it the pop it up. Stains have to be cleaned with chemicals. I just don't think blasting is the way to go.
You hit the nail on the head Glen as a test blast on oil stain area using a fan nozzle produced an unacceptable level of profiling due to non uniform surface hardness profiling. While the soft areas were profiled and cleaned the hard areas were unaffected. Net result a mottled profiled surface, ugly black hard areas unaffected soft areas removed along with stain, not something I would want to present to a customer!
A web search actually showed some "chewing gum removal machines" based on hot pressure washing perhaps I should relocate the thread to that forum?
Dry ice??
Cold would lift the gum and the air psi would help lift it

Oil might have to have a little soap put on before blasting as a pretreatment
I own a 4000psi Alladin pressure washer with a diesel fired burner that works perfectly on chewing gum... The key is to get the water extremely hot and work fast...
Oils stains from spills of hydraulic fluid won't go away... Foot traffic also steam with a floor tool works.
This is a job for a professional pressure washer. High water volume, 5.5 gpm or better, with heat 200 degrees or better 1000 - 1200 psi for gum, won't harm the concrete.

Oil stains do soak down below the surface, but to get the surface oil off and lighten the stain, use EBC cleaner, or sodium Hydroxide diluted, pressure washer with heat and a surface cleaner at about 800 psi. I use the sodium first then let dry then apply EBC. When the concrete is dry the stain will be invisible, when it rains it is back but not on the surface.

Concrete is porous and translucent, so the stain down deep can be seen but it won't affect texture or get tracked. To hid what is left then paint the concrete, if it is small add some Portland cement, broom in and then wet down.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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