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I was doing my morning rounds of websites and Craigslist always gives me a good laugh first thing in the morning, Hope you guys can enjoy this one this guy is a knob.:whistling

Date: 2009-06-25, 3:23PM EDT

Paint/stain Deck

I need a handyman / painter to paint my roof deck. Deck is about 10x15. With railings. :whistling

- Buy 3-4 Gallons paint at Home Depot
- Sand and prep wooden deck
- must do two complete layers of paint, before/after lunch
- a few small peices of wood need minor repairs
- some materials/woods need to be removed from deck and discarded
- Need deck area cleaned, removal of some deck furniture
- Must do all work in one work day 9am-9pm
- should be a 4 hour job, worse case 8 hrs, but plan 12hour window to assure it gets done :eek:
- Must be clean and tidy and considerate to home:whistling
- Must have transportation to go to Home Depot :shutup:
- Must have basic painting supplies (brushes, etc) :sad:
- Must have painting experience :whistling
- Must be on time, and reliable. :laughing:
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