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Cheaper "little brothers"...

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Take a $99. Ryobi table saw & $99. 10" miter saw and mount $50. Freud Diablo blades and what do you get? Decent enough performance for rough work.


Who makes Ryobi?
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tti owns (iirc) milwaukee, ridgid and ryobi.

Also 2nd gen I believe that ryobi is exclusive to homedepot. lol:boxing:

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So you hate homedepot and all the stuff they sell but you like Ryobi?

Hate Home Depot?

Where'd you ever get that idea!


I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE a good cheap tool (good quality that is).

Take Ridgid Vacs for example...for me, they are the best pound for pound.

I had to pick up a table saw/miter saw for a small Carpentry job.
Threw a $50. blade on both and they got the job done.
But, by the end of the job, their accuracy was way off
(despite the fact that I adjusted them both before I started).
They were no match for Bosch/DeWalt set ups.


For rough work/roofing (soffits, fascia, etc...), they do the trick.
I just couldn't justify a $1200. Miter Saw set-up and a $700. Table Saw (yet).


I can accept a hundred dollar table or miter saw lasting only one job.
If it lasts more than that, great. I just can't accept paying premium for a brand name with a great reputation and it failing prematurely...but that's another thread! ;)

This thread is for those cheap tools that turn out to be good.
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I was always under the impression that all ryobi stuff was made by crack-head santa's workshop prison. :shifty:


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I had "issues" with ryobi lithium batts when they first came out too.

I have a ryobi table saw for framing that work good for beating on.
You got the 10"?

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Yeah that one.

lol It get's bolted to a 3/4" sheet of osb at the start of a new job, and gets left there till we leave.

Nobody has stolen it yet. The table has been modified to cut 24" wide
and it's accurate enough for me.

It gets BAGGED. Real bad too. And won't quit. It's over a yr old. $100 Original blade even

I'm calculating $.40 a day so far. And getting better by the day.
I have that one plus the 10" miter saw.

I bold the miter saw to a 2' X 8' table with collapsable legs and
there are 2 blocks of 2"X6" as stock supports on either side of it.

Hey, it frigin' works.

What can I say!
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