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Cheaper "little brothers"...

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Take a $99. Ryobi table saw & $99. 10" miter saw and mount $50. Freud Diablo blades and what do you get? Decent enough performance for rough work.


Who makes Ryobi?
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tti owns (iirc) milwaukee, ridgid and ryobi.

Also 2nd gen I believe that ryobi is exclusive to homedepot. lol:boxing:

It sure is and it's cheap and nasty too. I was going to buy a few of them Tek 4 tools and as i went up to the counter they had a box behind customer service full of them. I asked what they was for thinking they might be an open box speacial and they were all returns. must have been a good 40-50 in there. I said right and walked of and he said thats a good idea buddy. Put them straight back on the shelf.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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