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Cheap right angle drill

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I've been wishing I had a drill for large holes when doing plumbing, etc...but don't do enough to really justify a full blown Milwaukee or whatever. Saw this on Amazon and wondered what y'all's got good reviews.
TruePower HD Compact Industrial 2-Speed 5/8" Right-Angle Drill by TruePower
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The first picture looks like a Harborfreight drill. What destroys right angle drills is using a hole saw, running it on the hi RPM setting, and having it grab. Severe grabbing is usually more of a problem cutting for toilet rough ins. If it has a cheap gear box, it will strip out gears - no telling how many times before the gears go.

I wouldn't think twice about using one of those for electrical and smaller holes (up to 3-4 inch) in solid wood.
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