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Cheap right angle drill

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I've been wishing I had a drill for large holes when doing plumbing, etc...but don't do enough to really justify a full blown Milwaukee or whatever. Saw this on Amazon and wondered what y'all's got good reviews.
TruePower HD Compact Industrial 2-Speed 5/8" Right-Angle Drill by TruePower
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Well, generally I buy the best tools I can...but this is one I really don't think I'd use a whole lot. I figure if I find that I use it a lot, I can upgrade. Not sure if my pride will let me do it though...
I've got a Ridgid R7122 mud mixer that I bought to, well, mix stuff with. The thing has a ton of torque, though, and can do some heavy drilling. Around $170.00 and has a lifetime warranty.
I've looked at that looks compact but tough..
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