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cheap floor clarification

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Hi Folks,
I have read through this forum and understand that the cheaper laminates are not as high quality as the top end. One thing I am confused about is the ratings.. if a floor is rated AC3, doesnt that mean that it is just as wear-resistant as another AC3 floor (isn't this a third-party standard)? In other words, if I see a floor for say $1.50 sqft vs 2.50, and both are AC3.. what is the difference from a wear perspective? Both are 8mm thick and the cheaper actually has a longer warranty? I don't necessarily want the "Lexus" of laminate floors, but I dont want trash either. I appreciate your advice!
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you can go by AC ratings if you want, but remember, there are much more factors that determine a good floor.

I am not familiar with AC rating as I should, and I will do more studying on it right away, and see if I can get back to you quickly.
Thanks folks!

To add to Teetorbilt's comments, here is a quote from that website:
Any laminate flooring you buy in North America will (or should) have an AC Rating based on standards devised by the European Producers of Laminate Flooring. These ratings are really a ranking system that indicates how a product compares to others like it.

The AC Ratings involve numerous quality-control tests that cover such things as a product's resistance to abrasion, stains, burns and even furniture marks.</i>

This would seem to indicate that if two floors have the same rating, they should be pretty close in quality because the standard is verified by third party (depending on who says floor x is ACx).
And to further add to the point, it seems to me that the ratings are for the surface only.

what about water?
what about impact resistance?

I guess that would mean Wilsonart Classic would rank the same as Pergo Original, but in fact Wilsonart is a high pressure, which deals with impact resistance way better, so there goes the AC rating right there.
AC, DC, this is all dragging on my PC.

Just want ya to know I'm here.

I can critisize Pergo all day long, im not saying they are a bad company, but because Pergo was the first company in America to introduce laminate flooring, naturaly every one calls laminate Pergo.

The public is like a heard of sheep, one goes, all go.
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