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Charge for tear off?

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I am primarilly remodels and siding, but on occasion I am asked to bid a roof job. My Question is do you guys charge for tear off? If so is there a formula? I have been charging the same off as on in my bids, and so far have not received any work. Obviously I am not doing something right here. My customers tell me that the cost is too high. I am in Michigan, and i am hitting at $150 a square on a 9/12 - 12/12 pitch plus materials. Am I just not selling hard enough, or am I out there?


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No, I recently priced one , 1 layer remove thicker laminated shingle,
install.. 30lb. felt cap nailed, drip edge, gutter apron, ice and water, all new flashings behind wood siding,ridge vent, mostly 2 story and a little cut up, 30 yrd dumpster, touch up siding when done, install 30 yr laminated hand nailed 10/12 -12/12.....$370 sq. owner wants to get 2 more bids.
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Quite honestly., I felt my pricing was a little high. The numbers just seem to add up kind of quickly. The rapport was good from the get go, he might come back to me with the other pricing, ( presuming its lower ) Also the pricing was a bit higher due to pricing of another roofing product, to make the other product not seem so much more. We'll see.
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