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Charge for tear off?

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I am primarilly remodels and siding, but on occasion I am asked to bid a roof job. My Question is do you guys charge for tear off? If so is there a formula? I have been charging the same off as on in my bids, and so far have not received any work. Obviously I am not doing something right here. My customers tell me that the cost is too high. I am in Michigan, and i am hitting at $150 a square on a 9/12 - 12/12 pitch plus materials. Am I just not selling hard enough, or am I out there?


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You are way tooooo low if you are charging $150 a square off and on, unless you are charging additional $150 ontop of your existing price for a tear off. If you are adding $150 just for the tear off, you might be a little bit high.

Then again if you truly need to charge $150 for the tear off to make money then you shouldn't cut your price and work for a loss.

Learn to sell on quality, not price. If your customer is a contractor, then that's your problem right there.
Hey Grumpy,

That is what I was doing, 150 on and 150 off. Do not really need that much to make enough money, other contractors told me this is how they did it. So I just found this site and thought I would find out how others are bidding these jobs.

I'm thinking my competitors are probably not giving me good advice.

Thanks again,

I'm thinking my competitors are probably not giving me good advice.
There would be your second mistake, asking for pricing advice from your local competitors.

What to charge for tear-off is a pretty open ended question, you said it's a steep pitched roof, but you didn't say how many layers you're tearing off and are you suppling the dump with that price?
Hey housedocs,

It is 1 layer and I was charging for the dumpster. It is 30sq 9/12 6 valleys 1 chimney, and I had it figured for a 30 yard dumpster. I came in at $9,753.00 Does that sound excessive?

No, I recently priced one , 1 layer remove thicker laminated shingle,
install.. 30lb. felt cap nailed, drip edge, gutter apron, ice and water, all new flashings behind wood siding,ridge vent, mostly 2 story and a little cut up, 30 yrd dumpster, touch up siding when done, install 30 yr laminated hand nailed 10/12 -12/12.....$370 sq. owner wants to get 2 more bids.
30 yd is probably a little much for 30 squares 1 layer. A 20 is probably adequate. I am sometimes in the $300+ range depending on the difficulty of the job.

Search this for for: "A gift for my friends" by me as the author. I think it will help you.
Hey thanks a ton Grumpy,

BTW, it was a bit hard to find, it is under "a present for my friends".

Red Cedar, that makes me feel a little beter, at least it is not just me. When I look at a siding job I know from the minute I walk around the house what the bid should be. Roofs are not my bread and butter, though I like to think of them as icing, so I realize that I am not going to be as efficient as someone that just does roofing. I believe that I can be real damn close though, and getting the proper bid in is crucial to success in my estimation.

Thanks again,

Quite honestly., I felt my pricing was a little high. The numbers just seem to add up kind of quickly. The rapport was good from the get go, he might come back to me with the other pricing, ( presuming its lower ) Also the pricing was a bit higher due to pricing of another roofing product, to make the other product not seem so much more. We'll see.
red_cedar said:
...Also the pricing was a bit higher due to pricing of another [roofing] product, to make the other product not seem so much more.
Reading that passage made me smile. I thought I was the only one who did that. :Thumbs:
Post hurricane prices for architecturals here are $320.00 sq. I just dug out a couple of estimates. Incls. tear off, 2 sheets deck, renail to code, 30# and hand nailed.
Hey Teetor,

Does this look familiar?



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Yup, It's about 10 mins. from where I live. I know one of the captains on the Island Princess.
Does this look familiar? I'm the good lookin' one on the right and it's my fish on light tackle.
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I think that I have got it Tom. I opened up one of those basic, free websites. It only allows 50 pics though.
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