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chalky paint / sticky doors

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Normally I take care of chalking paint with power washing, but what is the most effective way on small jobs? ( a couple of ext. door jambs)
Unrelated, but on the same job. I have 2 interior doors that are sticking on the door stop and have pulled paint (super paint semi). These are new wooden doors, primed w/ 123, 2 coats super. the areas are small, but naturally unacceptable to the customer. I feel that the contractor possibly didn't allow for the finish build and installed the door stops too closely. But it is my problem now....
Thanks for any thoughts,
Randy Rohe
Brothers' Painting
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I would just wipe it down with a damp cloth, prime and paint.
I'd wash with tsp or any cleaner really. As far as the doors sticking try another line other than SW Superpaint I never liked that crap. Try SW Proclassic if it's interior. Duration if it's exterior
For the small areas of chalky paint, use denatured alcohol soaked rags. No waiting for water soaked wood to dry out.:thumbsup:

For the sticky doors try talcum powder.
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Talcum powder. I was trying to remember what the trick was to prevent sticking; I knew I read something somewhere. Thanks man.:clap:
Appreciate the replys. Talcum powder....good thinking. thanks all
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