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Cesspool Question

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I have 2 cesspools on my property. 1 for solids and 1 for liquid ( overflow).
I had the cesspools were pumped about 2 months ago and now they seem to be full again.
The cesspool guy did not hydrojett the pools.
Will this make a difference in drainage or do i need to install new pools? The cesspools are 35 years old and have been serviced 3 time in 8 years.
Thanks for your help.
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Sounds to me like a new pool may be in your future. If your existing pools are cast, just add to the system with another overflow, if the existing is laid, demo and start over. G
I don't know jack about septic systems...but just as a thought...I wonder if all the rain we have been having has saturated the ground enough as to nowhere for the runoff to seep into the ground causing a backup.
Just don't swim in it.
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