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Certification of Work Experience C-23

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Hello everyone,

I have been reading through this forum in the past days and seem to encounter topics which made me not send in my application to the CSLB. Im applying for Ornamental Metal in California and as stated in previous topics there is no way I can prove my Work Experience. Currently I am 25 years old and I started working with my dad of the age of 18 in his business but everything has been paid under the books (cash). He has a General Contractor license and he has clients who are able to prove that I have the experience under the classification I am applying for but as stated in different topics in this forum, when i send in the application it will most definitely get reviewed by CSLB. There is no way I will be able to prove that by w2, or pay stubs. Any recommendations on what to do. What should clients that are going to certify my work experience write? Any help will be appreciated before I send in any applications to CSLB.