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Centripro S10020N1 control panel

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I bidding pump septic system w/ Centripro s10020n1 control panel required instead of regular alarm. I can't find anyone in my area that deals in this panel. Still haven't got call back from designer (plan says no substitution) and HO is looking for price asap. Anyone know a dealer & how much one costs (about three fiddy:laughing:). I tried google & haven't had much luck. Thanks in advance.
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Talk to your local Goulds Pump dealer. That is an indoor control panel made by ITT/Goulds. And believe it or not the cost should be around three fiddy!
Thanks djpafl

I ended leaving the panel out of the bid. When I finally got a call back from the designer he said he couldn't remember the dealer but it was some where on the east coast. Let the electrician find it. The HO told me they will decide next week who is doing the septic. That tells me they are looking for a better price than mine ($18,600).
Good Luck! If you get it and you or the electrician can't find it, let me know 5709910049 and I could get one for you.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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