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Central Vac

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Thinking of installing a central vac in my own home. What do you guys think, ever had one if so did you like it and did it perform well.
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I installed a central vac system in my home and have installed another for a client. IMO it's the only dust-free way to vacuum a home (if you don't use the beater-bar vac head). If you have decent skills with drilling, fishing, LV wiring, plumbing, etc. you'll be good to go. I've replaced vac motors with different brands, and moved the motor to a different location. Performance is super because the central vac allows a larger motor and bag capacity than anything you'd want to drag around the house.
Thinking of installing a central vac in my own home. What do you guys think, ever had one if so did you like it and did it perform well.
If anyone in your house has allergies, it is the only way to go.
Love em.

Espicially the ones that go under cabinets with the toe switch, just sweep the crap right into them. As a youngster I use to drop food on the floor and kick it under the edge of the cabinets and hope my mother wouldnt see; now I can do the same and it actually dissapears.:laughing:

There is a decent selection of hidden hoses if you don't like to drag around the big hose you can install smaller hoses inside cabinets, closets and other tight spaces.
Thanks for the replies fellas
I used to sell them. They're pretty easy to install on new work but a PITB when a house was on a concrete slab and you had to put them in from the attic. Not enough clearance to use just one piece in the wall.
I put central vac in my house and I will never have another house without it for the reasons everybody has mentioned. It's pretty easy to install and remember it's better to have an extra outlet here and there than to have them too far apart. I have an outlet in my garage and it's really nice for cleaning car and trucks.
Check your local code before you do the garage thing, at some point I heard that could be a violation due to exhaust and C0 entering the premesis.
I don't know how CO could enter since it is a sealed system. You do however have to put in a steel sleeve where the pipe penetrates the firewall between house and garage.
I never said I didn't agreed, I just remember years ago (probably changed since) a guy having to remove and patch it to pass inspection....then they ripped the drywall patch down and replaced it after.;)
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