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I am doing a project with 8-1/4" x 12' cement fiber board to install on older home with existing 3/4" cedar tough & groove structural sheathing (re-screwed at studs) with new tar paper coverage.

3 questions:

1.) what is the butt joint gap (clearance) on a 8'x 30' and 8'x40' wall dimensions?
*I know butt joints require flashing backing and no calking from instruction manual. (is it 1/8" or 3/16"??)
2.) Owner would like 1/2 ridged insulation board over structural sheathing too, is that a problem?
* I would use 2" ring shank nails and mark where studs are to shoot nails ( double 2" space at joint).
3.) Would I also house wrap over ridged insulation board before fiber board insulation?

Thank you
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