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Hi Guys,
I've done a few of these before and usually install them as a rain screen with off set with 1x3 fering strip. Installed with ss screws and pan head type washer gapped 3/16 no trim. Very sterile and industrial. Kinda of torn with that look but it's what they wanted.

Anyway. I have a handful of roof access (houses) to build and planning on using 4x8x5/16 jhardie panels. How do you install?
Do you run in step pattern with z-flashing in between and trim the outside corners?
Do you use screw or nail and cover all seams with 1x4 -/+ trim? I'm trying to avoid the industrial look. These are small roof access for a deck typically 6x6 to fit spiral or 5x12 w/sloping roof from 7.6 to 4ft. both have raised metal roof. Just want a clean look and looking for input and picts if you don't mind posting.
Any suggestions of type of fasteners?
Thank you all in advance for the time.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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