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cement board as shower pan

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I am new to this forum and new to the tile trade 39 years ago. I know that this is not the place for advertising. I have figured out a way to use cement board as the shower pan. I will be attending the "Total Solutions" conference in San Antonio in Sept. given by the NCTA and after that I will be using this sight to PURCHASE advertising space and with that display the website link so anyone can check it out.

My question is :

I wanted to know if anyone has seen a post that discusses the use of CBU INSIDE the shower AS the pan.
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let's see the specs and I will submit them to my building dept. :thumbup:
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schluter 48x48 shower pan and kerdi installed all corners and dams etc.. 45-60 mins, old school style 3-4 hours with blocking,tar paper, lathe, pre-slope, liner, pan test wait for inspection, final mud layer and curb construction, I can save approx 3 hrs of manual labor and no heavy materials to lug up stairs and:clap: no box stores. :thumbup:
just trying to show you that the material cost is made up on the labor end. Lot quicker vs less material money there is room for you if your system can be approved by my local building dept.
No one here claimed mortar beds are waterproof, kerdi is however and can be used with mortar bed.
1 - 4 of 122 Posts
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