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cement board as shower pan

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I am new to this forum and new to the tile trade 39 years ago. I know that this is not the place for advertising. I have figured out a way to use cement board as the shower pan. I will be attending the "Total Solutions" conference in San Antonio in Sept. given by the NCTA and after that I will be using this sight to PURCHASE advertising space and with that display the website link so anyone can check it out.

My question is :

I wanted to know if anyone has seen a post that discusses the use of CBU INSIDE the shower AS the pan.
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my thought: Why the hell would you do this? Cement board is about as waterproof as a sponge.... Is there some special new cement board that is somehow waterproof and non-porous? Don't tell me it's that new foam backer board :no:
I can see the problem with we young folk forming the base wrong as it would screw up the tile work, but there's always a hot mop underneath, so water leakage shouldn't be an issue. I'm still confuzzled
DIYers should be putting in Jacuzzi shower pans IMO, not trying to do a presloped mud base for tile. They're going to do something wrong and cause an issue. The reason the seasoned vets can charge what they charge is because they know what mistakes can cause issues and how to avoid them. A product that can be used by Joe Schmo the HO is not only going to get people thinking they can do their own bathroom remodels, but get more unlisenced handymen doing it and screwing it up too. I guess we should thank you, though. We'll be around to fix the water damage and the poor plumbing, electrical, and whatever else the DIYer did wrong because they thought they could do their own bathroom remodel.
it's hard to tell what of what you said was sarcasm :shifty:
1 - 4 of 122 Posts
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