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I wouldn't want to heat that place, insulated glass or not.
It's actually designed quite brillianty. In the winter the sun is lower and it shines inside the house heating the concrete floor. The glass also has a special coating reflecting heat out on one side of the house, and reflecting it back in on the other side (So depending on the season/time of day). The windows are also ridiculously thick and expensive. I forget what the coating is called now too.

During the summer when the sun is higher the overhangs block direct sunlight during most of the day and the house stays fairly cool.

it's also an insulated foundation and slab with geothermal radiant heat throughout. There is a large plate hanging under the dock for the geothermal heat/AC.

I love the open rooms, it's a real work of art. let's hope he keeps the outside looking good for many years, most people can't keep up with maintaining cedar, it's going to grey up.
Yeah he'll probably need to retreat the exterior probably every year or two... That's a daunting task.
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