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CCN, Certified Contractors Network Is Sold To A Roofer, Of Course

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Well, I must have missed this news 2 months ago.


Certified Contractors NetWork Announces New Ownership

June 1, 2009


ARDMORE, Pa. — Contractors Educational Services(CES), doing business as Certified Contractors NetWork (CCN), North America’s No. 1 Independent Contractor Network, announced that it is now under the new ownership of Scott Siegal, current CCN member and owner of Maggio Roofing in Takoma Park, Md., and Jamie Siegal.

Under terms of the agreement, 100 percent of the shares have been acquired by Mr. & Mrs. Siegal.

“After much consideration I decided that, in order to keep Richard Kaller’s vision alive and grow the organization, it would be necessary to find a new owner with fresh ideas and a commitment to that vision,” said Gail McNeill, former owner.

“Scott is the perfect choice for ownership because he understands the value of the organization from a contractor business owner’s perspective, knew founder Richard Kaller’s ideas and ambitions extremely well, and is committed to creating a strong, profitable organization that brings tremendous value to the owners and employees of contractor business members.”

Scott Siegal, President of Maggio Roofing, said the company is excited “after making the acquisition of CES/CCN, an exceptional company with a clear vision, market leadership, and a strong commitment to its employees, strategic partners, and members around the country.”

“Maggio Roofing has been a member of the network for over twelve years, shares its vision and commitment, and strongly supports the Company’s long-term goals,” Siegal said. “Maggio Roofing will remain independent of the company and a member of the network. My vision is to take the network to the next level and to see Richard Kaller’s dream through to completion. The education and training that I have received through the network has allowed me to operate and grow Maggio Roofing through good times and bad.”

Steering Committee Chairman Charlie Gindele said the announcement by Gail of the sale of CCN to Scott Siegal will catch members off guard and may come as a surprise.

“I believe that when they think it through, they will see the genius in it,” he said. “Few people had the personal ‘tell it like it is’ relationship with Richard than Scott. Their relationship actually goes back to the genesis of CCN. Scott was hand selected by Richard as one of the original Steering Committee members and has served as a valuable SC member since 2001. Scott understands CCN, inside and out.”

Certified Contractors NetWork is a membership organization dedicated to helping its independent contractor members become more successful and profitable, while assisting them to provide better professional services and products for their customers. For more information, visit
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