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Ok. 2nd story of my 50yr old house I have a bedroom. 16x14. Above this room was an attic space above the flat ceiling. The roof peaked off-center of the room running long-ways. So the ridge was 16ft long, 2x8.

Roof rafters are 2x6. One roof is about 8.5ft long, the other is 9ft.

The peak of the room is about 12 feet from the floor.

We have removed the ceiling sheetrock and the insulation (that was incorrectly in the roof rafter cavities.)

We want to cathedral the ceilings.

The 13 ceiling joists are 2x6 joists 16" on center.
The walls are about 7.5 feet tall.

See attachment for more specifics.

CAN WE either:
a. leave 3 or 4 6x4 (2 joined 2x6s) evently spaced at the regular height and remove the rest?
b. raise all 13 joists up to raise the ceiling 12"-16"? (by using a 2x8 or 2x10, removing all old 2x6?) Oh- this will rule out the cathedral ceiling idea, just a taller room.

I already installed 2x4's for a flat sheetrock ceiling about 1ft down from the ridge. So with the combination of those 2x4s (13 of them) and one of the 2 options above am I structurally sound???


I have read a lot about insulation and ventilation, but not seen much on structure and framing. Thanks.


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