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cathederal porch ceiling framing options

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I'm trying to build a small 11' wide (+12" overhangs) cathederal ceiling porch. Would like to have the porch ceiling open and have as much height as possible. I've come up with scissor trusses as about the only option I've come up with that willl allow full view from the street. The drawback of the scissor truss is that it eats up a lot of space.

any ideas out there ;). I would have to get an engineer's stamp for home made gussets...or a truss manufacturer's seal on the truss. have I missed anything?
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Structural ridge, You will need one header going rt to left across the front, with one ridge prop, but it will still look more open than trusses, GMOD
I wish i could do those quick drawings that some of the computer guys on here can do:rolleyes:, but i can't, G
THE TOP ONE, if you remove all the gingerbread, just the vert and horiz memeber
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Thanks Gene-that is my fallback design. was hoping not to use the structural ridge but may have too.
I do a lot of these I use white pine timbers or Doug-fir

I would think you could get it stamped with a little coaxing

I guess were talking about a gable roof ?

If so I do it with tapered rafter ties all framing gets edge treated I could walk you through it if you are interested other wise its a lot of typing in the wrong direction.
Basically its the $100.- job for the $1,000.- look

let me know
thanks for the ideas guys. will use scissor trusses-the inside pitch it half that of the outside pitch which will work for my needs.
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