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cat urine smell

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A friend of mine bought a house with the oder of cat urine throughout... he got a really good deal... I guess. It's a refurb he plans on selling. He's tried priming the entire basement with two coats of Zinsers BIN. Now the flooring guy says he is going to put a few extra coats of polyurethane on the floor to try to mask it.

I have heard many times that it is impossible to get rid of the smell of cat urine in an old house. Do any of you know a good way to get rid of it?
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I would rent a commercial grade ozone machine.
search this site for keyword 'ozone'. Pretty useful thread to be found.
Humble Abode said:
Do any of you know a good way to get rid of it?
Kilz is a sealer that not even the cat could detect the odor.
I've heard Simple Green will do it. They sell it full strength by the gallon at Home Depot.
My wife and I used a product called Odo-Ban on carpet in a room on a second story wood floor. We literally dumped the whole gallon of the concentrated liquid and let it soak in. Then we steam cleaned with odor killing product and stove heated extra hot water. It worked. Good luck!
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