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Casing halfway down a door

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I have an exterior door that has a cabunet installed next to it on the hinge side. The countertop comes in about halfway down the casing, making an interruption of the casing. The cabinet also would interfere with the casing, but not as much. Additionally, the space between the cabinet and the door jamb narrows as it goes to the floor

Any suggestions on how to finish the space? Cutting casing was my plan, but it turns out looking like I was trying to hide a problem (which, I guess, I am).

Sorry if my question is kind of vague, but I am posting this in a very tired state. I may post a picture if it seems like nobody knows what I am talking about.
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I just inlet the casing. No big deal, had to do it in my house because ol'#2 wanted to keep some stupid laundry folding table in the utility room. The table is still a piece of *****.
This may sound hack, but try using flat profile...averts the eye. trimmed some windows last year with no room for header casing...just used flat stock up top and butted the profile casing to it...looked WAY better than a 1" rip of the casing for the header...either that or move the door, not. Hope this helps.

I DO have pics on how to do this, help me out guys.
I would just cut the door casing molding by scribing to fit and be done with it. There is millions of linear feet of trim in houses like this, it only looks funny to you now, nobody else will blink an eye at it if you do it well.
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