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Carpet Tile Identification

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I have a customer looking for a specific carpet tile. I've never seen this type of backing one before. I have no information to go on to even narrow it down to a brand so I'm hoping someone has seen this stuff before. Looks like a loose lay.



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Didn't they buy an extra box when it was installed?
Do they ever? The contractor doing the job has questioned everyone involved who could know and no one has any paperwork, boxes, or extra material.
My wild ass guess would be that it is walk off mat.
It's possible, although the texture of it doesn't feel like what you'd expect from a walkoff mat. It isn't coarse at all. It is smooth like a normal commercial carpet. Whatever it is must not have been around for a long time. It looks pretty dated. Maybe something from the 80s.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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