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Hello, everyone.

I am a small house flipper that's been doing this for several years. I'm learning a lot but I've realized that I am just completely clueless on some basic things. For example, I have no clue how a basic electrical panel works.

As my projects get bigger and bigger, I am thinking maybe I should take some classes in construction management. That way I know what the contractors are saying when they talk to me. Because right now, a lot of times, I just nod my head when they explain what they are doing but in reality, I have no clue what they just said.

I was initially going to take a house inspection course but I'm starting to think that this doesn't go deep enough. So, was wondering if a construction management degree at a local college is the way to go. It's not only project management classes but it looks like they teach things like building materials, mechanical equipment, etc.

Any advice?
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Where are you flipping houses? What type of properties?
I am going to try to save you a lot of time and wasted energy. Unless you have been in the trades for a long time it's impossible to have enough knowledge to know how things work and the most efficient way to get things done.

Your problem is instead of using" GC,s" it should be my GC. My right hand man. The guy I call Saturday and tell him I need him to meet me at 1 Elm St. Sunday morning to tell me what's wrong with the property I am going to be bidding on that day. You don't need to know construction, you need a guy, one guy, you can trust. He will fill in the blanks for you.
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