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Hello, everyone.

I am a small house flipper that's been doing this for several years. I'm learning a lot but I've realized that I am just completely clueless on some basic things. For example, I have no clue how a basic electrical panel works.

As my projects get bigger and bigger, I am thinking maybe I should take some classes in construction management. That way I know what the contractors are saying when they talk to me. Because right now, a lot of times, I just nod my head when they explain what they are doing but in reality, I have no clue what they just said.

I was initially going to take a house inspection course but I'm starting to think that this doesn't go deep enough. So, was wondering if a construction management degree at a local college is the way to go. It's not only project management classes but it looks like they teach things like building materials, mechanical equipment, etc.

Any advice?
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I've learned much of what i know working for a contractor years ago. Nothing beats an apprentice relationship with a professional. Anything i don't know now how to do, i do a butt load of research and educate myself. And if i don't feel confident doing it, or know i need to watch someone do it a few times before i have a handle on it, i won't do it. I'd rather hire the guy who is an expert in it and learn and guarantee the application of the product won't fail prematurely.

A friend of mine started a construction company years ago and worked with all his subs as "free labor" and learned all the different trades he was unfamiliar with to give himself an education. Now he has a good grasp on every aspect of construction and how to do things properly.

I would echo what others have said and don't be afraid to ask questions. If you are fearful of looking uneducated, or stupid, that is your own insecurity and you need to get over that. If specifically you are looking to make sure a roof is installed properly, meet with 2-3 different roofing companies and ask them to walk you through each step of how they will install the roofing. Compare each company and my guess is you will see similarities. Ask them code questions like how far does ice and water shield go past the exterior wall?

Funny you should ask about roof install. I was just on a job today for a roof repair and the roofers nailed too high up the laminated shingle and missed the nail line completely. Because they nailed too high they also missed the top of the lower shingle. We had some wind a few weeks ago and it completely ripped up a few sections.

You can't always rely on an inspector, because they sometimes miss things. If you feel you are getting BS from a sub or GC, call the city building department and ask some questions, or call another sub or GC.

I applaud you for wanting to educate yourself. Far too many people out there doing things they have no business doing.
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