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Canvasser’s Needed Immediately!!

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I need people that like to talk. If you have ever been in sales, call today.
Pay is $10/hr. plus bonuses or $35 per confirmed appointment. A good canvasser can expect to make $300/week. Call soon, positions are filling up quickly! Call (859) 285-1509, or (859) 608-9376 and ask for Shawn.

Indianapolis, IN area
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$300 a week? I spend more than that on cigarettes.
Actually that is very good pay, I'd imagine I could easily book 7 confirmed appointments in roughly 3 to 4 hours.
Yah. If you where good you could probably do $1,500 per week. Not bad for knocking on doors!:clap:
Let me know if I can give you any good ideas on canvassing. Yo are right about the pay. A canvass rep should earn around $300 each week with top guys doing about 1k. I guess it depends upon how many leads you are looking to generate.
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