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Canceling Home Advisor?

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Hello, I am a fellow contractor and have a question about Home Advisor.

I have been using it for some time now and I have been turning my leads off. I want to cancel my account with them, since I find it a waste of money. Has anyone received any negative backlash when canceling Home Advisor?
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You will have to make certain that they turn off their marketing machine where it relates to the use of your name.

When you signed on you agreed to let them use your name on the internet and they have set up sites to gather leads using your info. They were under a different name when I left them and it took a persistent effort to get them to stop.

This is especially important if you are using a website. They are competing for your traffic at your expense. Try doing searches with all of the popular search engines to find them, then request they cease.

They will tell you that it takes time, meanwhile your losing traffic to them. You must be persistent.

Good Luck
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There should be a sticky on here, do not use HA.
Wow - are they allowed to use your business name and market for you? I'm not sure I'd want some random company marketing under my business name... especially not knowing what they were saying.
holy crap - thats' a ton of negative feedback. Thanks for the find and the warning! I was looking into their service.
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