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Can you identify this

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I have a customer that sent me pics of their basement trim work. I'm trying to match what's existing so everything doesn't need to be replaced. They had water damage so only need to replace from chair rail down.
Clues? It looks molded together so I'm not sure of the species.


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I'm not sure what you're asking, you want someone to identify the species of painted wood??

The pediment just looks like a combination of standard moldings except the routed caps. (crown, upside down base-shoe, etc.)

The bottom just looks like combination base and upside down chair-rail.

The casings look like all one-piece, but I'm not positive of that.
How's it going Angus.

The capital trim is all individual stock trims:

The cap is a 1x with a routed profile (looks like an ogee).

There is a 1x base trim over which the following were installed:

A standard colonial crown at the top;

Next down is a panel mold;

At the bottom is a bullnose backband that has been inverted.

Can't say I recognize the baseboard.
1-Top piece is a 1x4 with routed ogee edge
2-next is 3-1/2'' crown sitting on top of 1x6
3-next is what we call a bed moulding 1-1/4
4-next is window stool (upside down).

is that what you mean?G:eek:
Looks like everything is available at HD. From the looks of the caulking job, the contractor 'shopped the box'. :no:
Thanks guys. Because of the amount of caulk that "molds" everything together, I was wondering if it wasn't wood at all but some kind of plastic-like material. I was hoping to get the material ordered without having to go see everything in person. Just wanted a few other opinions first.


BTW Chris, that bathroom you just finished looks great. Are ya tired of blue mosaic????
thats the fugliest baseboard treatment I have ever seen
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there has got to be a whole tube of caulk in the section of base shown
Actually, that is base cap upside down.

Angus, I would say either MDF or poplar.
My millwork guy found both the base and casing for me.
I'm ordering primed poplar.
I saw that casing profile at my local Home Repo, not sure about the base, but I also know that they rotated out some profiles that I bought there and can't get anymore.:furious: Hit or miss I'd say.
It looks like all you got to do is grab any and all mill work at the big orange and start stacking it one on top of the other. Don't forget a case of caulk. :laughing:
I agree, LOL! When I saw that I was wondering why in the hell you wouldn't be trying to talk the HO'r into letting you rip all that crap out and re-do it with something nice looking.
thats the fugliest baseboard treatment I have ever seen
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