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first and formost its about 1:30am here and im half asleep. if someone what i say doesnt make sense i apologize.

we most certainly can and SHOULD blame our current economic situation for the repeal of it. our problems however started in 1913 when congress handed over the rights to print our money to PRIVATE BANKERS! these same people that control and print our money, also run the banks. In other words, they can print money, then lend it out. these people (and i say these people because no one know exactly who runs the federal reserve) caused a panic in 1910, what they did was call back every single loan they had out, and of course no one could pay them back because they would invest money they didnt have to begin with. after this happened they convinced congress, and bribed them. they told congress if they were in control of the money supply the market would never crash again. then 20 years later the great depression happened, and we've had 13 recessions since then, so why hasnt the federal reserve been shut down? the fact that congress repealed the act is insane. our economic situation is the end result of the federal reserve act of 1913. before we can establish a solid currency, the federal reserve needs to be shut down.

ron paul 2012
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