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Can someone recommend a good heated blanket?

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I have to start a project soon and temperatures have been dipping below freezing at night here. Not late enough for a hard freeze yet, but I don't want my mud to freeze each night.

I am going to buy a couple of bucket heaters for making warm mud and want a good quality blanket or two for draping over my work each night and plugging in.

I see Northern has the powerblanket brand, anyone have a suggestion on a good quality blanket that will last awhile.
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I use insulated blankes and small electric box heaters or just leave a 100 watt bulb burning.
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Radiant is what you want while working as it heats the objects and not the air.. the heats I'm talking about are about 8"sq.and have a fan in them. They heat the air.
I would recommend a heater like this while working. The 100 watt one you posted wouldn't do a thing outside.
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