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Hello to everyone, my name is Chris K and I live and work in the Valleys of Southern Cali...looks like alot of good information and people are on this site, and so here is a little about what I do...

Welcome to our business, we are , a Title 24 energy calculations firm providing quality, accurate and reliable energy analysis compliance reports for building plan check permit submission. We are here to assist all architects, contractors, builders and homeowners with a professional high-level service of knowledge and experience in preparing the necessary documents needed to submit and pass inspection on all existing and new structural building projects, a mandatory requirement as stated by the 2008 California Building Standards. Energlo24 has the experience, knowledge and expertise to help you through the building department submittal process effortlessly, and get your plan permit approved and pass inspection.

As we move, evolve and prepare for the future, one of our most important resources which will forever be in demand and consumed daily by us all, is Energy. The demand in consumption and use of this natural and renewable energy is increasing significantly each year, and California is prospering to lead the way by having some of the most stringent and strict energy codes and building regulations of all the US States. By reducing these high uses of energy to cost-effective solutions in design and constructing the homes and buildings we live and work everyday, proposing new high efficient equipment and products, quality building materials and the methods of preperation in applying insulation, lighting installation, fenestration products and HVAC and DHW equipment within the new or existing structure, as well educating the communities and people on how to use and maintain these products, we can help minimize the stress to our atmosphere by wasting less and making a more stable and efficient living environment for the present state and our planets future existence. As the population grows and our rising costs of energy use and consumption increases consistently, it makes sense for us all to learn, understand and implement these methods and uses of new efficiencies to benefit in the overall savings in costs and energy use for everyone.

Energlo24 Title 24 calculation service provides our clients with the most accurate and precise energy reports and documents available, with informative consultation, friendly customer service and our high level of dedication to assist you through your project until you are approved and pass final inspection. With our understanding of California's strict compliance codes, changes in building regulations, county climate zones, building supplies, products and equipment specifications, thorough knowledge of the State-of-the-Art energy compliance software used to generate our Title 24 reports and or ability to effectively model your residential or commercial project with the minimum required efficiencies for compliance, with an overall savings to you, our client, in your projects energy use and structural building costs. We gaurantee our Title 24 reports are modeled and engineered to perfection. Energlo24 also provides calculation reports for your projects requiring higher ratings by trying to meet or exceed compliance of 15% or better, or under Green Point.
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